Motown Moe is a smooth Jazz producer, arranger and Pianist from Detroit area who has been an avid Smooth jazz fan since he heard Tom Scott and the LA Express on Detroit’s legendary WJZZ station. Often asked how the name “Motown Moe” was created, it’s a reference to his hometown nicknamed Motown after the most famous Record label in history and “Moe” was adapted from his middle name Maurice.  Detroit is a city often degraded with negativity by national media but growing up in Detroit was a place filled with hard work, fun, hopes, dreams,  happiness and promise as well as a place filled with much musical talent.  As a youngster Moe would spend endless hours listening to jazz music ranging from Ronnie Laws to MFSB. The instrumental music of the 70’s really consumed him, especially sounds coming out of Philadelphia’s Sigma Sound studio. Moe had interest in learning the sax, guitar, and piano at an early age, but he did not have the discipline or dedication to stay focused on mastering these instruments. He became more interested in sports football, boxing, and track. After high school Moe entered the Air Force serving for 21 years which gave him a chance to live and visit numerous parts of the globe. Whilst in the Military Moe bought a small Casio keyboard and began to gain interest again in playing music. Moe after being discharged from the Air Force worked in a New Jersey Steel Pipe Mill for a few years before returning to Detroit to work on an auto assembly line. Moe was once a member of both United Steel Workers and United Auto Workers Unions at different times. His love of music led to him to not only listen, but to create  instrumental music tracks. Moe readily admits to his prior lack of knowledge regarding the technical side of  music mixing and mastering.   But Moe over the years has continued to vastly improved his recording skills through intense study and research into how to effectively use EQ, Compression, and Reverb tools involved in the recording process to improve his sound.  Motown Moe met Producer/Pianist Nate Harasim who was helpful in showing him the importance of learning the technical side of music production. Nate has since produced several of Moe’s tracks and they continue to work together. Moe has been fortunate to record with musicians such as Nate Harasim, Guitarist Blake Aaron, Bassist Darryl Williams, Percussionist Curtis McCain, James Davis Guitarist, Daniel Domenge Guitarist,  Andy Kotz Guitarist, DF Michael Bassist, Randy Sherwood Saxophone, are amongst  the many.  Moe received chart status with several singles and albums along with song plays on several radio stations, and tv shows which includes top 40 smooth jazz album status on charts with his last release of “The New Normal”. Motown Moe has recently finished a new project "Living My Best Life" coming out in the spring of 2021 which again includes title song producer Nate Harasim, guest players Guitarist Nils and Chris Campbell, Saxmen Nick Stone, Tony Craddock Jr, and Alex Bone, Bassist Darron Cookie Moore, Trumpet players Tony Guerrero and Ryan Svendsen and Percussionist Curtis McCain.  Motown Moe currently maintains a 24 Track sound studio outside of Chicago. He's currently looking for artists old and new for projects to produce, mix, and master. If you would like to work with Moe or request his music all contact or inquires can be made  at or on his FB by searching for the Motown Moe music business page. 



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