Detroit native, Motown Moe grew up listening to instrumental tracks of MFSB, Salsoul Orchestra, Tom Scott, Ronnie Laws, Bob James and many others. As a youngster, he was drawn to piano, sax and guitar, but moved onto sports track, football, and boxing which caused him to place music on hold for a few years. But while pursuing a career in the Air Force his yearning for playing music again grew strong. He spent several years practicing and working on his keyboards skills listening to Jeff Lorber, Bob James and Dancing Fantasy amongst others.

After years of studying Moe released his first album “Blu For U” recorded in 2009 which received   critical acclaim in the smooth jazz world and showcased Moe’s producing and piano playing abilities. Later in 2010 Motown Moe would meet local area Smooth Jazz artist Nate Harasim which led up to collaborations on many projects most notably chart reaching track “Good Night Manhattan” which received wide spread airplay. Moe has also worked with James Davis a guitarist from Nashville who’s work includes gigs with Cece Winas.  Moe has also done tracks featuring French guitarist Daniel Domenge , Bassist DF Michael, Sax player and fellow Air Force veteran Randy Sherwood. Motown Moe’s music has been a mainstay on charts over the years, as well as receiving chart status on Radio Wave Charts, Billboard charts, R&R charts his music has also been featured on the Weather Channels national program. Moe’s music has also been played on numerous syndicated smooth jazz programs in America and other parts of the globe.


Motown Moe’s latest Album “Warm Breeze" was released  July 2018 it was totally produced by Moe  filled with funk, lounge jazz and chill that will fit into whatever mood you are in wither you are ready to groove or just whine down this album is a perfect fit for all occasions. Motown Moe is seeking artist collaborations for future projects.  If you are interested reach out to him here.

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