Living My Best Life

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Living My Best Life Spring 2021 Project Information 

"Living My Best Life" is due for release on May 4th 2021 on indie label Windee Records the title track was produced by Nate Harasim, all other songs were produced by Motown Moe and Mastered by Steve Hall, guest artists include Nils, Tony Guerrero, Tony Craddock Jr, Ryan Svendsen, Curtis McCain, Darron Cookie Moore, Nick Stone, Chris Campbell.

New 2020 Release "The New Normal" 

Motown Moe is set to release a new EP entitled "The New Normal" self produced by Motown Moe but it includes "Sunday Driver" co-produced by guitarist Blake Aaron and includes bassist Darryl Williams and Curtis McCain II on percussion scheduled for late May 2020 premier it will contain  a smooth jazz, chill, lounge vibe with a mix of Piano,sax, flute and snythesizer includes nice and mellow to uptempo tracks including the title "The New Normal". If you enjoy contemporary jazz  this project is a must have for your collection.

New release summer 2019 

Motown Moe is releasing a new project entitled "Parts Well Known" a Nu Jazz trip to America and the world with tracks that give you the power to travel through music.  Coming to iTunes and Amazon Music July 2019.

Warm Breeze 

My new project "Warm Project will be released to the world on July 13, 2018. This music marks a major milestone as this will be my 20th release in the past ten years and possibly best solo and creative work ever. This album was totally produced at home from start to finish all done in my studio without too many distracts other than my dog needing to go between sleeping in the studio :). Please let me know you thoughts by leaving feedback in my guest book.

Anniversary Project 

My 10th Music Anniversary project will be available on April 3rd 2018 on Itunes and Amazon this release celebrates 10 years of e-jazz releases and is a mix of old prior tracks my greatest hits, but also includes brand new tracks and a few personal favorites as well.

Houston On My Heart 

This new song can be downloaded here  as a tribute to victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston...All I ask is that you please donate to the American Red Cross!!! 

"Cool Life Style" Release 

My latest new release "Cool Life Style" will be out on Amazon and Itunes on 1st May 2017 this project is filled with a number of laid back funk tracks that will fulfill you yearning for uptempo and chill tracks it's filled with 15 tracks of superb songs. Please pre-order your copy now!

Mark Stanley Christmas Special 

My Holiday "Chill N House On Christmas" has been added to Mark Stanleys Christmas Special look out for the show at the following link

My Charting Single "Beach Breeze" Airplay Week Of June 8th 2015 

Smooth Jazz Airplay and Charts for “Beach Breeze” Week of 06/08/15: Chart: DEBUT 40* See link: Chart: 24 – 15* See link: Radar Chart: 19 – 17* See link: Radio Wave Internet Airplay Chart: Most Added List (2 adds) See link: Billboard Airplay WFSK/Nashville, TN WVAS/Montgomery, AL WVST/Richmond, VA WEIB/Springfield, MA KUNV/Las Vegas, NV KUAP/Little Rock, AR WSBZ/Panama City, FL Specialty Show Airplay KTSU/Houston, TX KPRi/San Diego, CA KQXT/San Antonio, TX Smooth Jazz Airplay KPVU/Houston, TX WJAB/Huntsville, AL WTCC/Springfield, MA WRTC/Hartford, CT KUR/Reading, PA KMVX/Monroe, LA WCHG/Hot Springs, VA WHCJ/Savannah, GA WZBC/Boston, MA WZZA/Muscle Shoals, AL TMStudios/Music Sampler for In Store Airplay & Armed Forces Radio SmoothJazz.Zone WSNC/Winston-Salem, NC WDAF/Kansas City, MO (HD-2) WSGE/Charlotte, NC WUEV/Evansville, IN KOKY/Little Rock, AR WQTQ/Hartford, CT