Escape To The City Air Spins And Chart Tracking chart: 42 - 44 See link: Radar chart: 21 - 23 See link: Billboard airplay: WSBZ/Ft. Walton Beach, FL (“Midnight Persuasion”) WQTQ/Hartford, CT (“Pluto Player”) WEIB/Springfield, MA KUAP/Little Rock, AR KUNV/Las Vegas, NV Specialty show airplay: WMGL/Charleston, SC (Jazz show on UAC station) KPRi/San Diego, CA (Jazz show on AAA station) Smooth Jazz airplay: WCHG/Hot Springs, VA The Digital Guy/Internet show WWUS/Key West, FL Smooth Grooves Radio/U.K. based in U.K. Jazz – The Radio Show/Nassau, Bahamas based in U.K. WZBC/Boston, MA WNAA/Greensboro, NC Jo Khool Smooth Jazz Radio/Internet based in U.K. WOWE/Flint, MI KCCK/Cedar Rapids, IA WFSS/Fayetteville, NC based in Sydney, AUS KTSU/Houston, TX WRTC/Hartford, CT WSNC/Winston-Salem, NC KMVX/Monroe, LA Smooth Soul Online/Internet ( TM Studios/Music sampler used for retail in store airplay, armed forces radio WVCP/Nashville, TN WSGE/Charlotte, NC WTCC/Springfield, MA WMWM/Salem, MA Radio WITD/ KTRJ/Rhythm&Jazz/Internet KFEZ/Colorado Springs, CO WJAB/Huntsville, AL WUEV/Evansville, IN (CD feature/4 songs played!)

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