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My new project "Warm Project will be released to the world on July 13, 2018. This music marks a major milestone as this will be my 20th release in the past ten years and possibly best solo and creative work ever. This album was totally produced at home from start to finish all done in my studio without too many distracts other than my dog needing to go between sleeping in the studio :). Please let me know you thoughts by leaving feedback in my guest book.

My 10th Music Anniversary project will be available on April 3rd 2018 on Itunes and Amazon this release celebrates 10 years of e-jazz releases and is a mix of old prior tracks my greatest hits, but also includes brand new tracks and a few personal favorites as well.

This new song can be downloaded here  as a tribute to victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston...All I ask is that you please donate to the American Red Cross!!! 

My latest new release "Cool Life Style" will be out on Amazon and Itunes on 1st May 2017 this project is filled with a number of laid back funk tracks that will fulfill you yearning for uptempo and chill tracks it's filled with 15 tracks of superb songs. Please Pre-order quickly!

My long awaited new release "Higher Nature" will be available on iTunes August 19th.

My Holiday "Chill N House On Christmas" has been added to Mark Stanleys Christmas Special look out for the show at the following link

Smooth Jazz Airplay on “Beach Breeze”: Chart: DEBUT 40* See link: Chart: 24 – 15* See link: Radar Chart: 19 – 17* See link: Radio Wave Internet Airplay Chart: Most Added List (2 adds) See link: Billboard Airplay WFSK/Nashville, TN WVAS/Montgomery, AL WVST/Richmond, VA WEIB/Springfield, MA KUNV/Las Vegas, NV KUAP/Little Rock, AR WSBZ/Panama City, FL Specialty Show Airplay KTSU/Houston, TX KPRi/San Diego, CA KQXT/San Antonio, TX Smooth Jazz Airplay KPVU/Houston, TX WJAB/Huntsville, AL WTCC/Springfield, MA WRTC/Hartford, CT KUR/Reading, PA KMVX/Monroe, LA WCHG/Hot Springs, VA WHCJ/Savannah, GA WZBC/Boston, MA WZZA/Muscle Shoals, AL TMStudios/Music Sampler for In Store Airplay & Armed Forces Radio SmoothJazz.Zone WSNC/Winston-Salem, NC WDAF/Kansas City, MO (HD-2) WSGE/Charlotte, NC WUEV/Evansville, IN KOKY/Little Rock, AR WQTQ/Hartford, CT

"Tropic Of Groove" Debuts at #40 on charts for the week of June 8th 2015.

My new single "Beach Breeze" makes debut on Soundtraxxwith Mark Stanley the week of May 17 -30th 2015.

Beach Breeze has been selected as most added song to Smooth charts and Groove jazz Charts for week of May 18th 2015.


Motown Moe latest project Tropic Of Groove will be officially released May 15th 2015 this CD & EP will feature 9 new tracks produced by Motown Moe and 2 by super producer and artists Nate Harasim.

I'm currently completing new tracks for a upcoming project...with a few tracks with longtime co-producer Nate Harasim it promises to be funky. Once a date has been determined will provide further updates. chart: 42 - 44 See link: Radar chart: 21 - 23 See link: Billboard airplay: WSBZ/Ft. Walton Beach, FL (“Midnight Persuasion”) WQTQ/Hartford, CT (“Pluto Player”) WEIB/Springfield, MA KUAP/Little Rock, AR KUNV/Las Vegas, NV Specialty show airplay: WMGL/Charleston, SC (Jazz show on UAC station) KPRi/San Diego, CA (Jazz show on AAA station) Smooth Jazz airplay: WCHG/Hot Springs, VA The Digital Guy/Internet show WWUS/Key West, FL Smooth Grooves Radio/U.K. based in U.K. Jazz – The Radio Show/Nassau, Bahamas based in U.K. WZBC/Boston, MA WNAA/Greensboro, NC Jo Khool Smooth Jazz Radio/Internet based in U.K. WOWE/Flint, MI KCCK/Cedar Rapids, IA WFSS/Fayetteville, NC based in Sydney, AUS KTSU/Houston, TX WRTC/Hartford, CT WSNC/Winston-Salem, NC KMVX/Monroe, LA Smooth Soul Online/Internet ( TM Studios/Music sampler used for retail in store airplay, armed forces radio WVCP/Nashville, TN WSGE/Charlotte, NC WTCC/Springfield, MA WMWM/Salem, MA Radio WITD/ KTRJ/Rhythm&Jazz/Internet KFEZ/Colorado Springs, CO WJAB/Huntsville, AL WUEV/Evansville, IN (CD feature/4 songs played!)

Motown Moe released "Escape To The City" on Valentines day the new music is a mix of old school smooth jazz with new twists and turns to keep you guessing. It's also filled with big city cool vibes to keep you hearts, ears and feet interested.

My new release "Escape To The City" will be coming out on Valentines Day 2014. Please look for it on iTunes and Amazon as well as other music outlets. It will be full of funky jazz instrumentals as well as smooth jazz, chill, lounge and steppers tracks.

Hello I am going to release a new track entitled "Groovin For The Duke" this track is to honor the legendary George Duke one of the greatest keyboard players of my generation and who's style of play greatly influenced myself and that of many others...he was the master...I never had a chance to meet Mr. Duke but I was able to enjoy a number of his live shows. We did have a connection though. I actually went to kindergarten in the small town of San Rafael California which happens to be where Mr. Duke was born and raised what a small world.Anyhow as you can tell this man's music was a big impact on me. Mr. Duke even in your passing you light shines on...RIP!

I began my promo tour for new project "Rhodes To Cool Places"  by visiting WNUR 89.3 Chicago/Evanston and the DJ Jazzy L show...I had a great time and will post a link to the Podcast at a later date when it becomes available.

Rhodes To Cool Places will be officially released for purchase on the 1st Of April...This new project is a smooth mix of instrumentals that will be a gem for chill/lounge and smooth jazz lovers a like as the tracks are mixed with a cool blend of rhodes and piano tracks supported by nice sax and guitar tracks.

My new release "It's Complicated" will be out on August 27th check iTunes & Amazon.

I'm proud to announce my new collaboration project is in the final stages with journeyman bassist Sean O. Smith it will also include a song produced by my favorite producer Nate Harasim.

New song available for MP3 download on CD Baby and will be available soon on iTunes & Amazon Music.

Interview and co-hosted show on WNUR Northwestern University, King Rips Jazz Approach show with DJ Earl Watts. Please listen at the follow link.

My new single "Moving Back in Time" featuring Andy Kotz should be available on iTunes & Amazon music on April 4th 2012.

I'm currently working on a collaboration with bassist Sean O'brien Smith the new project will be out later this year. It will be a blend of chill, funk, and smooth jazz. Stay tuned!!!

The new release is finally hitting on July 14th my newest project which I'm releasing via headed to iTunes and Amazon music will be available for purchase. The project will consist of 11 brand new songs with smooth jazz, r&b and chill influences. My guest artist include Randy Sherwood and Nate Harasim on a remix of the title track "Riding Into The Sunset" to be released later this summer.
Fantastic news I will be recording again with Nate Harasim who will serve as music consultant on my new project due out this summer, as soon as I get close to release date will update you.
Hello fans I'm happy to announce that I'm currently in the studio again working on some great new sounds for my next project and will once again be working with top ten Smooth Jazz producer Nate Harasim.
The Weather Channel selected my single "Unconditional Love" for it's summer line up and received spins during early AM 1-5 programming during the June/July time periods.
Net Stations:,,,,,,,,,,, ("The Jazz Corner"), Radio Stations: KPVU/Houston, TX, WQTQ/Hartford, CT, WTCC/Springfield, MA, WMLX/Lima, OH, WEIB/Springfield, MA KIHT/St Louis, MO (HD-3 channel) WSNC/Winston-Salem, NC KUR/Kutztown, PA KTSU/Houston, TX KUNV/Las Vegas, NV WRTC/Hartford, CT WBZC/Burlington, NJ (Philadelphia) WVOF/Bridgeport, CT ("Upper Room With Joe Kelly Show") WCNI/New London, CT WJAB/Huntsville, AL KEDM/Monroe, LA KOKY/Little Rock, AR KSHK/Kauai, HI (jazz show) KUWS/Superior, WI WXRJ/Bloomington, IL WCWA/Toledo, OH and Internet ("The Mike Scott Jazz Show") Jazz - The Radio Show/Nassau, Bahamas Stay tuned there's more to come!
My new single "Good Night Manhattan has made SJ charts within the last couple weeks as a Live 365 radio hot single, a Most added to inter-net radio on Groove Jazz Music Charts week of May 5, Most increased plays weeks of May 12 & 19th on Groove Jazz Music charts. Most added to radio charts on Smooth week of May 3rd. Most added SJ radio wave monitor chart week of May 6th.
The first single released off "Soft Touch" Good Night Manhattan was on the Smooth Jazz.Com top most added for play by smooth jazz radio for the week of 04/26/10.
Listen out for my live interview on Saturday April 10th between 3-5PM EST with Gary Fuston, click on the below link.
Please check this week for the addition of my new CD "Soft Touch" which should be added sometimes this week it features artists such as Nate Harasim who produced and played on two songs, along with featured guest guitarists Daniel Domenge, James Davis, DF Michael, and Mike James you may preview the songs here.
Hello, Please let other fans, and your local stations know about my music, as an Indie artists I don't have a large budget for promoting myself, so I'm asking for your help. The new CD and MP3's will be available in a few weeks on
The official release of my new EP "Soft Touch is scheduled for 04/25/10, please the mp3's maybe available sooner.
The tracks for my latest CD are ready to go, at the moment I'm planning on a late spring or early summer official release date. Please stop and listen to previews of the new material.
The finishing touches are being worked on for my new CD which I plan to release in spring of 2010.
Most of the material for my future CD has been completed I have a few more songs to add, but most of the tracks are finished. I'm planning on an early to mid spring release date.
Once again I have my good friend James Davis playing guitar on a track "Santa Ana Breeze" JD is definitely pushing the limit on this track, I can't wait for you all to hear it.
I'm in studio working on a new CD which I hope to release in early 2010 it feature songs done with Nate Harasim and Daniel Domenge, other guest artists include Mike James and James Davis. The CD will cover a wide range of contemporary jazz from rnb, rock, gospel to chill influences.
Please stop by and check out my interview with SmoothJazz.Com click on the link below:
My latest "EP"-"Romance And A Full Moon" is scheduled to be added to iTunes and Amazon music in a few weeks. Once a solid date has been given will provide update.
I'm currently working on two new tracks with bright young producer and recording artist Nate Harasim of the group De'nate. Stay tuned we may do a couple more tracks.
My new EP has been completed and will be added to the CD Baby line up soon.
I'm happy to have worked with the following artists on my new upcoming project, Guitarists DF Michael, James Davis, Sax player Randall Sherwood, Keyboard Player & Producer 3 Days. I will provide further news once a release date has been confirmed.
The completion of my newest EP is near most of the mixes are finished and a few finishing touches are being added.
I'm currently close to finishing material for the "New Spirit" - EP, I have added three new songs for your listening pleasure "Romance Under A Full Moon", "Beyond Love" and "Skyline Drive" please enjoy.
New songs for future EP "Courage" have been added here for your listening pleasure.
I'm currently working on new music, will be uploading samples in a few weeks.... Motown Moe
I have new material added Rio Cool & Alone In the Morning here, the songs are unreleased and can only be exclusively heard on this site. Please let me know what you think of them as I may release them in the future.
I have recently completed remixes for songs Funky Smooth Lovin, So Lovely Featuring James (JD) Davis these song currently are available for purchase at along with songs Color Me Blu and New Spirit these songs are due to be released possibly later this year.
A remix of my song "Funky Smooth Lovin" was recently completed with the help of Nashville guitarist James Davis the remix is currently exclusely available for purchasing at
Hello my newest cd "Metro Dreams" has been reviewed by please stop by my Press page to see what Sandy Shore had to say about the new music. (It can be found near the bottom) of the Press page.
Motown Moe's new cd Metro Dreams will be available for purchase via web links and also played on Smooth.Jazz.Com and Smooth beginning 1 February 2009.
I have added a new song "From King To Obama for all fans & visitors you may download this song free of charge from now until the inauguration.
MOTOWN MOE: Metro Dreams
Blu For U was my first release which came out in June of 2008 released on the album has received critical acclaim and airplay in numerous music markets. "Night Lights" has been a hit on popular net radio station
My latest cd Metro Dreams will be available tentatively the first of the year as soon as I have a confirmed release date will pass it along.

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